Video Clips

This page has links to video clips available  by local film maker DDRW Productions.

Many of their films were made in and around the Craigmonie Centre, Glen Urquhart High School & the local area.

West Side Story (2006) View
Exerpt from the Glen Urquhart High School production.

A Wonderful Thing (2004) View
A 24 minute extreme sports film featured the best local skateboarding, inline skating and biking.

Mr Waldie Does Physics (2007) View

Milk Paton
Paton Break and The Milk Paton Show are animated comedy / action films about the adventures of a semi-skimmed bottle of milk from Glasgow and his friends Mark, Robert and Peter. www.milkpaton.com

Milk Paton and the Terrorist Arrows (2006) View *

Milk Paton and Time Travel (2006) View *

* Please note that these clips may contain strong language
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